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We cover topics on creative ways to grow your revenues, new marketing ideas, strategy creation and development, funding, hiring talent, outsourcing, culture improvement, staying healthy while running your business and overall, getting that EDGE that many of us look for!

Small Business Growth Magazine

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You remember 10% of what you read, and 90% of what you do. Small Business Growth Magazine is not meant to be forgotten. This magazine is meant to help you take immediate action in your business.

Topics Covered

Strategic Advantage

Build a bigger moat for your business and reduce risk from your competition.

Sales Breakthroughs

Strategies, scripts, and secrets to selling your perfect offer to the right audience.

Marketing Momentum

How to capture an audience that converts.

Money & Finance

Effectively manage your finances to promote sustainable and rapid business growth.

Strategic Steps & Scorecards

Determine where you are, where you need to go, and your next actionable steps to get there.

Bonus Content

Small Business Growth Magazine publishes content from business minds from around the world, who want to transfer their expert knowledge to you.  

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Meet the Creator

Kevin McCann

Kevin McCann


Kevin McCann is the CEO of Executive Strategy Group (ESG), which provides business executives with strategic sales and marketing consulting. After 150+ engagements, ESG has created an extensive knowledge-base of strategies, methodologies, resources, guides, checklists, roadmaps, scorecards and tips for its clients. Small Business Growth Magazine is Kevin’s brainchild and serves as a way to document this knowledge-base and share it with entrepreneurs and business executives around the world.

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Small Business Growth Magazine

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